Pestline Sdn Bhd
8, Jalan Ekoperniagaan 1/16,
Taman Ekoperniagaan,
81100 Johor Bahru,
Johor, Malaysia.
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Welcome to Pestline Sdn Bhd

We supply professional grade pest control equipments & products in Malaysia. Insect Light Traps, Rodent Bait Stations, Bird Spikes, Thermal Foggers, Electrical/Vehicle Mounted ULV Mist Blower.

PESTLINE provides wide range of pest control management products, ranging from pest management in household, public sector, commercial and industrial sectors to cater for the quality pest control servicing needs.

PESTLINE are young, caring, aggressive and professional. Our key staffs are trained and have many years of experience in pest control industry.

We are well verse with the most up-to-date knowledge and technique/system of pest management concepts, particular concepts that are needed to fulfill international standards and what is more important, we are prepared to listen and update ourselves for achieving greater breakthrough in pest management business.

Pest Control Equipments & Products Manufacturer & Supplier

PESTLINE provides quality pest control equipments for our clients to meet different demands.
Our technical/sales staffs will design the appropriate control system for our prestigious clients. We valued clients own self involvement in the process of designing the program so that maximum assurance being given.

PESTLINE and our valued clients will work hand-in-hand together towards elimination of pests.

  • Insect Light Trap
  • Rodent Bait Station
  • Bird Spike
  • Thermal Fogger
  • Electrical ULV Cold Fogger
  • Vehicle Mounted Fogger
  • Insect and Rat Glue Trap

Rat Glue Board ECO 2 Mice bait station Vehicle Mounted Fogging Machine TS-95 Discreet 30 Bird Control Stealth Net BWC-50 Industry Sprayer IK 9 Industry Sprayer IK 9 Philips Shatter Proof UV Lamp For Insect Kllier 2680A 3WC-30-G Bird Control Repellent Gel Thermal Fogging Machine TS-75L Thermal Fogging Machine TSB-35W Contro 45 Series Thermal Fogging Machine TS-35A(E) Pestline Contro Rodent Trapper LR 18 - 2 Nozzle Rodent Bait Station-Type Contro Industry Sprayer IK 6 Discreet 36 Pestlne Insect Light Trap Wall Light 30