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Goizper IK 6 Sprayer

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Goizper IK 6 Sprayer

Goizper IK 6 Sprayer

"This IK 6 Sprayer is made in Spain, useful (liquid) capacity 6 Liters respectively"

Strong polypropylene tank with level indicator and instructions for use.
Adapter for accessories.
Directional lance, Metal handle, Filter in lance, Hose with nuts without clamps, Internal filling level, Hose winder.
External safety valve with red over-pressure indicator.
Can be fitted with a 50 cm. extension
Shoulder strap Extra set of two nozzles and additional two-component supplied.
Technical Specifications
Total Capacity
: 6 l. - 1,50 U.S. Gals
USeful Capacity
: 4 l. - 1,00 U.S. Gals
Net Weight
: 1,40 Kg - 3,00 lbs
Gross Weight
: 1,75 Kg - 3,85 lbs
: 19 x 19 x 43 cm
Maximum Pressure
: 3 bar - 42 psi.
Liters / Minute at 3 Bar
: 0,50 l/min. - 1 pint/min

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