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Send Fog Thermal Fogger BW 20

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Send Fog Thermal Fogger BW 20

Send Fog Thermal Fogger BW 20

"Auto ignition system with excellent performance and ultrashort body
and lightweight metal heat protective net provides most flexible usage"

Enhanced engine, high efficiency and fuel saving, strong power, large spraying quantity, the spraying effect is better.
Precision control oil supply system, a more stable performance.
The efficient fog pipe ( standard parts ) and atomizing pipe use for oil base and water base fogging.
The first easily detachable structure of patent technology, more convenient maintenance repair.
Quality stainless steel solution tank ,fuel tank, durable.

Technical Specifications
Weight , Empty : 7 Kg
Dimensions ( L x W x H) : 1050 × 300 × 320 mm
Solution tank capacity : 6 Liters
Fuel tank capacity : 1.3 Liters
Performance of combustion chamber : >17KW
Solution Flow rate : 8-40 Liters / hour (According to nozzle's diameter)
Energy : 2 × 1.5 V batteries
Pressure in the solution tank : 0.3 - 0.4 bar
Pressure in the fuel tank : 0.12 - 0,15 bar

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