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Hitachi Insect Killer Tube 18 Watts

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Hitachi Insect Killer Tube 18 Watts

Hitachi Insect Killer Tube 18 Watts
"Efficient way to attract insects for Professional Electronic Fly Killers and Insect Light Traps"
"The Professional Pest Control Operator solution for flying insect control systems"

Environment care, low mercury level
Long and reliable lifetime, lamps and systems that keep on saving you money
UV insect killer tube that have reliability built-in, less maintenance cost
Safeguarding a hygienic environment during the whole season
Compatible products : DISCREET 36

Technical Specifications
: 18
Lamp Shape
: T 9
: 589 mm / 24 inches
Average Life
: 9000 Hours
Order Code
: UV Tube - 18w - Hitachi
: Hitachi
: 25 Pcs / Carton
: N / A


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