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Philips Shatter Proof UV Lamp For Insect Kllier

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Philips Shatter Proof UV Lamp For Insect Kllier

Philips Shatterproof Actinic BL lamps  15 w
This  Philips Shatterproof Actinic UV lamps is safe, efficient way to attract insects for Professional Electrical / Electronic Fly Killers and Insect Light Traps.
The Professional Pest Control Operator solution for flying insect control systems.

Philips Actinic BL Range Product Benefit
  • Energy efficiency ( the Green Switch ), best choice to decrease CO2  emission care for the environment, lowest mercury level in the market
  • Long and reliable lifetime, lamps and systems that keep on saving you money
  • UV insect killer tube that have reliability built-in, less maintenance cost
  • Innovation Shatterproof Ultra Violet (UV) insect killer lamps by introducing special phosphor coating technique
  • Safeguarding a hygienic environment during the whole season
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