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Pestline Rodent and Rat Glue Board

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Pestline Rodent and Rat Glue Board

Pestline Rat Glue Trap Series

Pestline pest control supply customize any size of sticky mouse trap. Sticky fly paper trap and sticky cockroach trap, our glue is special designed to capture rodents, rats, flies, lizards, cockroaches and more... With the excellent industrial strength yet is safe to be used for pest control operator, food industries, industrial, restaurants, public areas and more…
At Pestline, we specialize in the supply of only professional standard, industrial strength glue traps to the pest control industry, commercial businesses, and domestic residential customers.

Stainless Steel Net C-Ring Vehicle Mounted ULV Aerosol Generator 3WC-30-G Pestline Discreet 30 Fly Trap Unit TITAN 300 White Lacquered Fly Trap Vehicle Mounted ULV Aerosol Generator BWC-50 Pestline CONTRO 30 Fly Trap Unit Bird Net Ring Tool Pestline CONTRO 45 Fly Trap Unit SS Net Cable Bracket Pestline Bird Spike BS 2 Pestline Insect Monitoring Glue Trap 120 Philips Shatterproof Actinic BL lamps  15 w Pestline Attracta S1 Rat Trap Station Bird Barrier StealthNet 3/4" Mesh Goizper IK 6 Sprayer Pestline Rat Glue Board Trap ¨C BS Fly Sticky Pad Type 5 Longray ULV Cold Fogger 2680A Pestline Attracta Rat Glue Trap WP Bird¨CX Bird Proof Gel Insect Glue Trap Holder Acrylic Pestline Rodent and Rat Glue Board