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Vehicle Mounted ULV Aerosol Generator - PRO 4

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Vehicle Mounted ULV Aerosol Generator - PRO 4

Vehicle Mounted ULV Aerosol Generator - PRO 4

"This cold ULV fogger combines an extensive
featurelist with a competitive price, Comes in two variants"

Live monitoring: engine hour meter, tachometer, glycerin filler pressure gauge, and oil gauge.
Sturdy construction: Anti-vibration mount, All-steel construction with Z-base rails for easier vehicle mounting.
Spray is pressure-based, not pump-based, Compatible with almost all chemicals labeled for ULV use.
  • Manual Control: The manual-control variant uses a floating flow meter, a manual flow controller, and a manually adjustable spray nozzle (swivels 360 degrees both horizontally and vertically)
  • Remote Control: The remote-control variant uses a digital display meter, remote cabin flow controller, and remote-controlled spray nozzle (swivels 360 degrees horizontal, 240 degrees vertical).

Technical Specifications 
: 18 hp, V-twin cylinder, electric start with oil filter
Start up
: Electric start, 12V
Formulation Output
: 0 to 33.96 ounces (1 litres) per minute
Particle Size
: 90% of fog droplets are less than 20 microns in diameter,
     recommend Flow Rate ULV 0.12 liter/minute (4.07oz)
Formulation Tank
: 16.08 gallons (60 liters), corrosion resistant
Fuel Tank
: 9.65 gallons (36 liters) with gauge
Flush Tank
: 1.34 gallons (5 liters), corrosion resistant
: Rotary, positive displacement, 188.34 CFM/ 5.33CBM/M,
    pressure, 500mbar when engine speed at 2800RPM
Dimensions (L x W x H)
: 122 x 107 x 108 cm
Net weight
: 150 Kgs


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