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LR 18 - 2 Nozzle

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LR 18 - 2 Nozzle

This cold ULV fogger combines an extensive feature list with a competitive price. Comes in two variants:
a) The manual-control variant uses a floating flow meter, a manual flow controller, and a manually adjustable spray nozzle (swivels 360 degrees both horizontally and vertically).
b) The remote-control variant uses a digital display meter, remote cabin flow controller, and remote-controlled spray nozzle (swivels 360 degrees horizontal, 240 degrees vertical).
All variants include the following features:
 Live monitoring: engine hour meter, tachometer, glycerin filler pressure gauge, and oil gauge.
Sturdy construction:
* Anti-vibration mount, * Lubrication with spin-on-oil filter, * All-steel construction with Z-base rails for easier vehicle mounting.
* Spray is pressure-based, not pump-based, * Compatible with almost all chemicals labeled for ULV use.
Technical Specifications
Model LR-18 ULV Aerosol Generator
Engine 18 hp, V-twin cylinder, electric start with oil filter
Start up Electric start, 12V
Formulation Output 0 to 33.96 ounces (1 litres) per minute
Particle Size 90% of fog droplets are less than 20 microns in diameter, recommend Flow Rate ULV 0.12 liter/minute (4.07oz)
Formulation Tank 16.08 gallons (60 liters), corrosion resistant
Fuel Tank 9.65 gallons (36 liters) with gauge
Flush Tank 1.34 gallons (5 liters), corrosion resistant
Blower Rotary, positive displacement, 188.34 CFM/ 5.33CBM/M, pressure, 500mbar when engine speed at 2800RPM
Dimensions (L x W x H) 48.03 x 42.12 x 42.51 inches, 122 x 107 x 108 cm
Net weight 418.56 pounds, 190 Kgs
Dimensions (L x W x H) (Shipping data) 50.00 x 42.51 x 35.43 inches, 127 x 108 x 90 cm
Shipping weight 563.20 pounds, 256 Kgs

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