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Mouse Bait Station

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Mouse Bait Station

Small compact design fits most of places.

Tamper-resistant and sanitary.

Twin bait chambers maximize efficacy.

Packed per case with 1plastic key.


Available size: 160x90x32mm

Material: PP

Color: Black


2680A Mouse Bait Station Vehicle Mounted Fogging Machine TS-95 Industry Sprayer IK KnapSack Bird Control Repellent Gel Contro 30 Series Industry Sprayer IK 6 Thermal Fogging Machine TS-35A(E) LR 18 - 1 Nozzle Rodent Bait Station-Type Contro Glue Board Roses Type 1 Rat Glue Board ECO 2 Glue Board Contro 4530 Bottom Discreet 30 Pestlne Insect Light Trap Wall Light 30 DRAGON Glue Board Discreet 36 Type 4 Thermal Fogging Machine TS-75L BWC-50 Bird Control Stealth Net Contro 45 Series Mice bait station