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Pestline Discreet 30 Fly Trap Unit

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Pestline Discreet 30 Fly Trap Unit

Pestline Discreet 30 Fly Trap Unit
"Ideal for use in restaurants, hotels, dining rooms, hospitals and
all public areas where flying insect management should be hidden from view"

To complement the Pestline range of professional flying insect management, these systems have been designed specifically for areas where fly control should be hidden from view. Their unique and decorative front covers hide the glue board and insect catch, providing discreet and environmentally friendly fly control, ideal for domestic and front-of-house applications.
Disguised as a wall sconce with a full-size glue board, and two powerful 15 watts UV tubes standard lamp that is hidden from view. Front cover can be painted, wall papered, or decorated to match existing decor.
The unique overhead designs fit discreetly and easily into wall mounted or existing suspended-ceilings. Ideal for areas where space limitations may have previously made situating a standard system difficult.
Compatible products

Glue Boards / Sticky Pads

Fly Sticky Pad Type 1 – Black / White

UV tubes

UV Tube - 15w - Hitachi 


UV Tube - 15w - Shatterproof

Technical Specifications
: Wall Mounted
: Powder Coated Mild Steel
: 510 x 230 x 110 mm
: 3.3 Kgs
: 80 m2
Electrical Input Voltage
: 220-240V
Glue boards / Sticky Pads
: Fly Sticky Pad Type 1 – Black / White
UV tubes
: 2 x watts
: Two ( 2 ) years


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