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Rodent Bait Station-Type Contro

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Rodent Bait Station-Type Contro



  • Either placing rodenticides for outdoor control or rat glue trap for inside the building at critical area such as production area, store and warehouse to avoid possible contamination of product by rat baits
  • Complete price to be allow for more placement.
  • 'Low Profile' makes it ideal to use indoors under pallets and in other tight rats trapping locations.
  • Made with high grade original polymer. Long durable, they can be refilled, if necessary, and use over an extended period of time.
  • Temper resistant with hinged locking lid and two ground anchors to fix on the ground.
  • Used to protect rodenticide from moisture and dirt, deposit rodenticides and rat glue trap for no internal rodenticides baiting areas.

:220 mm L x 176 mm W x 91 mm H

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