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Thermal Fogging Machine TS-35A(E)

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Thermal Fogging Machine TS-35A(E)

Fogging Machine Model:
Thermal Fogger TS - 35 A(E) Feature
Our Thermal Foggers are internationally certified and comply with WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION REQUIREMENTS.
This Fogging Machine all seals, gaskets, and diaphragm in contact with solution are made of Teflon and Viton.
Fuel and chemicals tank, cooling jacket and protective shield all crafted corrosion-resistant stainless steel.
Easy to operate and maintain.
Equipped with a precision regulating valve that lets you adjust flow rate and particle size.

Fields of Application

This thermal fogger can dispense both water- and oil-based chemicals, such as most pesticides, fungicides, disinfectants, miticides, poultry vaccines, and odor neutralizers.
Our thermal foggers have been used in a variety of environments:
  • Living: apartment complexes, hotels, ...
  • Public places: schools, parks, camp-grounds, shopping centers, restaurants, ...
  • Industrial: warehouses, factories, food-processing plants, ...
  • Agriculture: cattle barns, swine/poultry houses, grain mills, ..

Technical Specifications
Weight, empty

8.36 Kg

Dimensions ( L x W x H)

1370×270×315 mm

Weight, empty (shipping data)

11.6 Kg

Dimensions (L x W x H),(shipping data)

1288×310×360 mm

Solution tank capacity

5 L

Fuel tank capacity

1.5 L

Fuel consumption

1.5 l/h

Performance of combustion chamber

18.6 KW / 25.2 HP

Flow rate

8-44 l/h (According to nozzle's diameter)


4×1.5 V batteries

Pressure in the solution tank

0.25 bar

Pressure in the fuel tank

0.06 bar

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