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Vehicle Mounted Fogging Machine TS-95

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Vehicle Mounted Fogging Machine TS-95


The TS-95's remote control panel lets the operator conveniently and safely control:
  • Formulation output
  • Engine operation
  • Fogging tube, via electric drive pusher
Built from high-quality materials under rigorous quality control, for reliable operation and startup. Stainless steel solution tank, fuel tank, and fog tube.
Application Field

  • This thermal fogger is currently widely used to control mosquito carriers of malaria and yellow-fever.
  • Designed for use in large spaces, such as warehouses and manufacturing plants, greenhouses, and for plant protection. Perfect for killing flying insects (mosquitoes, gnats, house/sand/black flies). Under the good weather conditions, the fog output of this unit can settle over a large area, efficiently distributing formulation.

Technical Specifications
Weight, empty

47 Kg

Dimensions ( L x W x H)

1910×950×460 mm

Weight, empty (shipping data)

60 Kg

Dimensions (L x W x H),(shipping data)

2000×600×740 mm

Solution tank capacity

60 L

Fuel tank capacity

5 L

Fuel consumption

4 l/h

Performance of combustion chamber

36.8 KW / 50 HP

Flow rate

40 l/h


12 V lithium battery

Pressure in the solution tank

0.25 bar

Pressure in the fuel tank

0.06 bar

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