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Vehicle Mounted ULV Aerosol Generator BWC-50

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Vehicle Mounted ULV Aerosol Generator BWC-50

Vehicle Mounted ULV Aerosol Generator BWC-50

  • Produces near-invisible droplets, for better penetration and diffusion
  • Powered by a brushless motor: low-vibration, low-noise, zero-pollution
  • Programmed spraying, Recharges when connected to a power source
  • 9 hour battery life
  • Dispenses liquid and wettable formulations. No fluid flow restrictors, so no clogging
  • Sprays biological pesticides while maintaining their activity
  • Automatically changes direction (0-180 degree horizontal, 15-55 degree vertical), reducing your labor costs and avoiding work exposure to chemicals
  • Can be operated from a control panel either mounted on the console or carried by hand, whichever is more convenient

Technical Specifications
Electrical motor
: 600 W, High-speed electric brushless motor
: Storage battery
Rating voltage of battery
: 24 V
Rating current of battery
: 24 A
Capacity of cell
: 150 AH, Optional
Type of control
: Manual, Automatic, Remote control
Atomizing type
: By high pressure centrifugal fan
Spray droplet
: 90% of droplets <50 micron
Flow rate
: 0-50 L/H, adjustable
Distance of spraying in horizontally
: >30 m
Air volume
: >50/min
Capacity of solution tank
: 70 L
Capacity of flushing tank
: 4 L
Adjustment of spraying angle
: 0-180 degree in horizontally, -15-55 degree in vertically
Dimensions (Lx W x H )
: 1110 x 900 x 1170 mm
Net weight
: 80 kg (without battery)


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