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* Produces near-invisible droplets, for better penetration and
* Powered by a brushless motor: low-vibration, low-noise,
* Programmed spraying
* Recharges when connected to a power source.
* 9 hour battery life.
Dispenses liquid and wettable formulations. No fluid flow restrictors, so no clogging.
Sprays biological pesticides while maintaining their activity.
Can be placed on a moving platform.
Fog head automatically changes direction (0-180 degree horizontal arc, 15-55 degree vertical arc), reducing your labor costs and avoiding work exposure to chemicals.
Can be operated from a control panel either mounted on the console or carried by hand, whichever is more convenient.
Flow regulator controls solution output.

Fields of Application

This Ultra Low Volume fogger dispenses both water- and oil-based pesticides, fungicides, disinfectants, miticides, poultry vaccines, and odor neutralizers.
Our ULV foggers have been widely used by customers in both indoor and outdoor environments:
* living: homes, hotels, ...
* Offices: hospitals, schools, animal care facilities, ...
* Industrial: greenhouses, food processing plants, warehouses, dairy
  and poultry farms, ...
* Public health: disease control, malaria, ...

Technical Specifications
Electrical motor

600 W, High-speed electric brushless motor


Storage battery

Rating voltage of battery

24 V

Rating current of battery

24 A

Capacity of cell

150 AH, Optional

Type of control

Manual, Automatic, Remote control

Atomizing type

By high pressure centrifugal fan

Spray droplet

90% of droplets <50 micron

Flow rate

0-50 L/H, adjustable

Distance of spraying in horizontally

>30 m

Air volume


Capacity of solution tank

70 L

Capacity of flushing tank 4 L
Adjustment of spraying angle 0-180 degree in horizontally, -15-55 degree in vertically
Dimensions (Lx W x H ) 1110 x 900 x 1170 mm
Net weight 80 kg (without battery)

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