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Designed to be mounted on a vehicle.
* Small enough to mount on almost any vehicle.
* Can be remotely-controlled by operator in cab.
* Safe, low operating voltage (12V).
Output quality and flow rate
* Solution is air-atomized, preserving its activity.
* Adjustable spraying distance.
* Very economical in use of solution, reducing your chemical costs.
* Treats up to 100 acres per hour, reducing your labor costs.
* Produces near-invisible droplets, for better penetration and
* Creates a dense fog that penetrates into spaces and lingers in the
Fields of Application
Mainly used for vector control and sanitation in urban, agricultural, and forestry environments.

Optional accessory

Optional external solution tank:

300L, 7201000mm 7.5kg
500L, 8401000mm 10.5kg
800L, 120010001000mm 71kg
1000L, 120010001160mm 77kg
1200L, 120010001350 91kg

Technical Specifications
Engine Single cylinder, upright, air cooled, 4stroke diesel engine Single cylinder, upright, air cooled, 4 stroke gasoline engine
Power(kW/rpm) 5.7/3000rpm 6.3/3600rpm(accelerator with full throttle down), 8.8/3600rpm
Start-up-mode Electric Electric
Oil consumption(g/kWh)] 3000rpm:275.1/3600rpm:281.5 3600rpm:281.5
Fuel 0#(summer),10#(winter) diesel oil Gasoline
Fan High pressure centrifugal fan High pressure centrifugal fan
Blower Direct drive, positive displacement rotary type Direct drive,positive displacement rotary type
Air volume(LPM) 30000 >30000
Air pressure(Pa) 3500 >3500
Atomizing type Swirl air current of highly speed revolving Swirl air current of highly speed revolving
Number of Nozzle 4 4
Particle size(micron)



Spraying capacity(L/h) 50-300 , can be continuously adjustable. 50-300 , can be continuously adjustable
Capacity of inner solution tank 50L 50L
Dimensions (mm) 65412001130 1075575845
Net weight(kg) 200 100

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