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Vehicle Mounted ULV Aerosol Generator 3WC-30-4P

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Vehicle Mounted ULV Aerosol Generator 3WC-30-4P

Vehicle Mounted ULV Aerosol Generator 3WC-30-4P

  • Designed to be mounted on a vehicle, can be remotely-controlled by operator in cab
  • Safe, low operating voltage (12V)
  • Output quality and flow rate solution is air-atomized, preserving its activity
  • Adjustable spraying distance, treats up to 100 acres per hour, reducing your labor costs
  • Produces near-invisible droplets, for better penetration and diffusion
  • Creates a dense fog that penetrates into spaces and lingers in the air
  • Mainly used for vector control and sanitation in urban, agricultural, and forestry environments

Technical Specifications
: Single cylinder, upright, air cooled, 4 stroke gasoline engine
: 8.8 / 3600 rpm
: Electric
Oil consumption(g/kWh)]
: 3600 rpm : 281.5
: Gasoline
: High pressure centrifugal fan
: Direct drive,positive displacement rotary type
Air volume (LPM)
: >30000
Air pressure (Pa)
: >3500
Atomizing type
: Swirl air current of highly speed revolving
Number of Nozzle
: 4
Particle size (micron)
: 30
Spraying capacity (L/h)
: 50 - 300 , can be continuously adjustable
Capacity of inner solution tank
: 50 L
Dimensions (mm)
: 1075 × 575 × 845
Net weight (kg)
: 100


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