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Fly Sticky Pad Type 4

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Fly Sticky Pad Type 4

Fly Sticky Pad Type 4

"High quality UVA resistance adhesive more effective for longer periods of time
Fines blends hot melt adhesive coating for long shelf life to minimise stocking issues"

With the support of professional technologist, environmentally friendly materials and applications expand the scope of the situation, people care about is the product hazards to human health and the environment.
Removable adhesive that is consistent with our environmental needs.
It is none toxic, odorless, clean, not to hurt the material surface and easier to use.
Compatible products: Pestline Discreet 36 Fly Trap Unit

Technical Specifications
: Art Card
: 574 x 263 mm
Shelf Life
: > 60 days under UV 
: 200 pcs / Carton

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