Pestline Pest Management Work Shop 2018

Pestline Pest Management Work Shop 2018

Pestline Pest Management Work Shop 2018


Pestline Sdn Bhd will be organizing FREE “Pest Management in Food-Safe Establishments” workshop this year. This educational workshop will be run on 2 different days.


Part 1: Understanding & Managing Common Pests in Food Industry - Fly, Rat, Stored-product Pest and Bird.

  • Importance of Managing Pest
  • Biology & Behavior
  • Challenges
  • Integrated Approach


Part 2: Managing Pests in Meeting Food Safety Requirements

  • Understanding Food Safety Requirement
  • Designing Food-safe Pest Management Program


Part 1 of the workshop is scheduled on 18th April 2018.

Part 2 of the workshop is scheduled in 2nd Half-year of 2018 and actual date will be informed later.

Pest control technician, senior technicians with APAL / PAL licenses, Pest control managers, or pest control personnel managing food-safety establishments are encouraged to join both sessions.

For Pest control technician who are attending licensing examination, do join us for Part 1 of the workshop.

It’s our pleasure to invite you and your team (maximum pax of 2) to attend the coming Part 1 of the “Pest Management in Food-Safe Establishments” workshop.

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