Philips Master Actinic UV Bulb

Philips Master Actinic UV Bulb Oct 11, 2018
Maximized Pestline Insect Light Trap performance - UV Bulb Improvement

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Subject: Maximized Pestline Insect Light Trap performance - UV Bulb Improvement.


It is every client's wish to have an efficient and longer lasting Insect-light-trap UV blub. Starting from 1st January 2019, Pestline Insect-light-trap will come ready with Phillips Master Actinic UVa Blubs.


Pestline CONTRO 45 Insect Light Trap
Pestline CONTRO 30 Insect Light Trap
Pestline Discreet 30 Insect Light Trap
Pestline Wall Light 30 Insect Light Trap


This bulb is different from your conventional UVa bulb as it has the following product description & features:

MASTER Actinic BL TL-D 15W

The Philips MASTER Actinic BL TL-D (-K) family is an ideal choice for insect traps. These lamps have the perfect spectrum for attracting insects. Also, they have virtually no UV-B output, and so are perfectly safe. Furthermore, they have the special "MASTER" coating to improve the efficiency, initial UV-A output and maintenance of the lamp. What's more, with the lowest mercury content in the industry and being 100% lead-free, combined with their high efficiency, these lamps represent the best choice for the environment. Optionally, for extra safety you can apply a special "Secura" sleeve that keeps all glass and components together in the case of accidental breakage. This eliminates the risk of glass splinters showering down on food preparation areas, for example. And that is why it meets the strict HACCP requirements.


Light Technical

Life to 50% Failures (Nom)  : 15000 h

Useful Life (Nom)  : 12000 h

UV Depreciation at 2000 hours  : 7 %

UV Depreciation at 5000 hours   : 14 %

UV Depreciation at 8000 hours   : 18 %

Product Origin  : Poland


Flying insects trapping couldn't get any easier with Pestline Insect-light-trap range. 
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