Pest Glue Trap Manufacturing

Pest Glue Trap Manufacturing

Pestline is the largest pest control product manufacturer and operates a quality management system carried out in Malaysia since Year 2011.
We manufactures and customizes fly sticky pad, rat glue trap and cockroach monitoring glue trap in any sizes, our glue is specially engineered for excellent industrial strength to capture rodents, rats, flies, lizards, cockroaches and more... yet is safe to be used for food industries, industrial, restaurants, and public areas.
We have the expertise to offer our clients and specialize in the supply of professional standard products.
Our fly sticky pads, rat glue traps and crawling insect glue traps are certified by HACCP International for food safety to meet international standards.
Certified Number: I-PE-919-PST-R2-02

All of the design and manufacturing process is done at our factory in Johor Bahru Malaysia

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We do not provide pest control services directly. We are product supplier and manufacturer.

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