Air Disinfection Fixture - UV Chamber 2

Air Disinfection Fixture - UV Chamber 2

UV Air Sterilizing Circulator The Solution for Indoor Air Disinfection

Application Equipment
UV Germicidal Disinfection

Product Description

UV Chamber Air Sterilizing Circulator utilizes UVC germicidal lamp which is completely enclosed within a stainless-steel exposure chamber and is safe for use in every application, particularly in crowded or poorly ventilated areas. This unit is designed with fan-forced to draw the room air into the UV Chamber thereby UVC inactivates the bacteria and microorganism by destructing their DNA. This unit uses high quality UV lamp to generate shortwave radiation of UVC which is extremely powerful in destroying micro-organism on contact.
Ultraviolet is a unique and rapid method of air and surface disinfection. It is effective against all known microorganisms, including bacteria, virus, fungi and other microorganism, with a kill rate up to 99%.

UV Chamber comes with Ozone or Non-Ozone producing lamps. Ozone producing lamps generate UVC and O3. Both UVC and O3 are extremely powerful in destroying microorganism on contact. O3 also acts as a deodorizer to remove unpleasant odors.



Pharmaceutical, F&B processing rooms, staff changing rooms, quarantine rooms, laboratories, doctor’s offices, smoking rooms, etc.



This unit contains an ultraviolet lamp. Do not attempt to look at or handle the ultraviolet light whilst it is operation. The light can cause harm to the eyes.
Before servicing the product, always disconnect the power by unplugging it from the power point.
The ultraviolet fixture is designed for use at normal room temperatures.


Product Specification
UV Chamber 2
Types of Lamps
Quartz Glass UVC Germicidal
Lamp Model / UV Output
GPH295T5VH or L x 2 Lamps
Stainless Steel
Unit Dimension
415(L) x 150(W) x 150(H) mm
Coverage with Ozone
Up to 1,800 sq feet
Coverage Non-Ozone
Up to 600 sq feet

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