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Attracta S1 Rat Trap Station

Attracta S1 Rat Trap Station

Our low-cost rat glue trap station is equipped with Pestline Rat Glue Trap Series. Made of plastic board with two double-sided tapes for waterproofing, suitable for indoor and outdoor rodent control.

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Product Description

A new generation environmental care design to allow catch the mouse and rats are much easier.

Simple, clean, straightforward, low cost and effective rat glue trap.

A product range of Pestline which wide use and required from  pharmaceutical industries requirement.


Special for placing our Pestline Attracta S1 Rat Glue Trap WP to minimize the rodent escape issues.

It’s non-toxic, odorless and sanitary with strongly adhesive, safe and ready to use.

*** HACCP International certified rat glue boards


Compatible products
Pestline Attracta S1 Rat Glue Trap WP
292 x 150 x 95 mm
12 Units / Carton

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