Bird-X BroadBand PRO

Deter Birds With Multi-Faceted Sonic and Ultrasonic Attack! The BroadBand PRO’s 4-speaker system simultaneously emits sounds that are both audible and inaudible to humans that confuse, disorient, and intimidate pest birds, keeping them away.

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  • Combines SONIC and ULTRASONIC Technology
  • Creates Uninviting Environment For Birds
  • Covers Up To 6 acres
  • Emits a combination of audible noises and high-frequency sound waves that are silent-to-most-humans
    • SONIC: Uses naturally-recorded bird distress calls and predator cries; covers up to 6 acres
    • ULTRASONIC: Uses high-frequency sound waves; covers up to 3,600 sq. ft.
  • 4 speakers included – 4 independent speakers with 100 ft. of wire each
  • Fully programmable – control volume, sound delays, and daylight / night operation
  • Weather resistant – NEMA type box is designed to withstand outdoor use

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