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BOUNTY is a rat bait from the 'coumarin anticoagulant' group Hydroxycoumarin that contains brodifacoum which is effective in controlling rats. THIS IS PESTICIDE TO BE HANDLED BY TRAINED PERSON ONLY.

Rat Control Products
Rat Bait

Product Description

Key Product Facts:

Active ingredients
Brodifacoum 0.003% w/w.

Bounty is a weather resistant rat bait for optimal field performance and waxed for extended durability, creating better attraction and increasing the rate at which rats consume the bait
Brown in colour, lower visibility on human and non-targeted animal noticeable.
A unique high-attraction formula and tasty rat bait for effective control
Small in size = less wastage & cost effective.
Lower secondary toxicity risk to non-targeted animals and environmental impact.


What to control:

House Mouse Norway Rat, also known as Common Rat, or Brown Rat, Black Rat (sewer rat)


Safety & how to use:


Harmful if consumed, avoid inhaling dust and prevent contact with skin or eyes.
Do not eat, drink, or smoke when handling this product.
After using this product, make sure that the pesticide container is tightly closed and stored in a locked room that is dry, cool and well-ventilated.
Keep out of reach of children.
After use, thoroughly wash hands and all parts of the body contaminated during handling and application with plain soap and water.

How to use:

Read Label Before Use
Application Method: Ready To Use – Bait Block
Place 1-2 pieces of bait on the wall's edge / skirting every 5-10 meters.
Place into rat burrow is the most recommended for better result of control.
Replace all bait eaten every 7days.    
3-4 times baiting is usually effective to control the rats
Notes: Bury the dead rats at a suitable place.


5 kgs per box, 4 boxes per carton

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