Broadband Pro 4-Speaker Bird Repeller System

Broadband Pro 4-Speaker Bird Repeller System

The Broadband Pro 4-Speaker Bird Repeller System uses sonic and ultrasonic tech to deter birds, covers up to 6 acres, and is weather-resistant. No harsh chemicals, easy setup, and a satisfaction guarantee. Ideal for various outdoor areas.

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Product Description

Combines Sonic & Ultrasonic Technology

Repel birds with multi-faceted sonic and ultrasonic sounds! The Broadband PRO’s 4-speaker system simultaneously emits sounds that are both audible and inaudible to humans that confuse, disorient, and intimidate pest birds, keeping them away. Birds will not linger when exposed to these sounds.


Covers up to 6 acres

Uses sonic and ultrasonic technology

Weather resistant box designed to withstand outdoor use

Includes installation consultation

30 Day Electronics Performance Satisfaction Guarantee


Weatherproof design allows for use in any outdoor location, deterring a variety of pest animals.

Warehouses and Manufacturing Facilities | Parking Lots and Garages | Sheds and Storage Buildings | Waterfront Property and Docks

Pigeons | Crows | Blackbirds | Sparrows | Starlings | Seagulls | Grackles | Swallows | Bats| Other Small Critters



  • Maintain property aesthetics
  • No harsh chemicals or traps
  • Avoid safety inspection failures
  • Save parks, pools, turf, etc. from bird damage
  • Decrease nuisance for residents
  • Cut recurring cleanup and repair costs
  • Maintenance-free
  • Easy setup and installation


Guarantee / Warranty
30 Day Electronics Performance Satisfaction Guarantee, 6 Month Manufacturer's Warranty Against Material Defects
Protection Coverage
Up to 3,600 sq. ft (ultrasonic), up to 6 acres (sonic)
Control Unit 9” x 9” x 5”, Speakers 4” x 4” x 6”
Power Cord Length
6 ft.
Sound Pressure
Ultrasonic sounds 95–102 dB (each speaker) at 1 meter, Sonic 105–110 dB (each speaker) at 1 meter
Frequency Range
Ultrasonic 15–25 kHz, Sonic 3–5 kHz
Voltage Options
220 - 240V (International voltage options available upon request.)
Box Dimensions
19” x 13” x 8”
Shipping Weight
10 lbs.

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