Discreet 36 Insect Light Trap

The perfect choice for areas where fly control should be discreet, catch the flies with stylish front cover conceals the sticky board. It is versatile design, easy to install, and fits virtually anywhere (free-standing bracket available).

Categories : Insect light trap
Tags : Decorative Sticky Pad Series


This unit is our one of the largest decorative Sticky Pad Series Insect Light Trap designed  for areas where fly control should be hidden from view.

The two powerful 18 watts UV tubes standard lamp that generate bigger UV zone more powerful UV attract flying insect more fast.

The 18 watts UV tubes provides up to 7500 hours shelf life which can last for one year when switch on 24 hours a day.

The unit designed with the top and bottom open space it's the most easier way for changing the sticky pad.


Compatible products
Sticky Pads:Fly Sticky Pad Type 4
UV tubes:UV Tube - 18w - Hitachi 
 :UV Tube - 18w - Shatterproof
Technical Specifications  
Dimension:660 x 245 x 110 mm
Weight:3.8 Kgs
Coverage:100 m2
Electrical Input Voltage:220 - 240V
Sticky Pads:Fly Sticky Pad Type 4
UV tubes:2 x 18 watts 
Warranty:Two ( 2 ) years

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