Electronic Fly Killers Pestwest Titan 300 White

As being high-quality products with added value, produced at a competitive price and three (3) years product warranty

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With a wrap-around chrome guard giving 360º protection,
This all-metal unit offers outstanding fly control performance durably.

High performance transformer. Multiple mounting options.

Easy and fast to service without the need for tools.

Removable spring-loaded killing grid for thorough cleaning.

The Titan 300 is ideal for larger kitchens and all commercial uses.

It can cope with heavy fly infestations and be adapted to operate as a cluster fly unit by removing the tray.


Compatible products
UV tubes:UV Tube - 15w - Hitachi
 :UV Tube - 15w - Shatterproof 
Technical Specifications  
Dimension:330 x 495 x 135 mm
Weight:7.5 Kgs
Coverage:180 m2
Electrical Input Voltage:220 - 240V
UV tubes:2 x 15 watts
Warranty:Three ( 3 ) years

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