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Fly Off Tamper Resistant Bait Station

Fly Off Tamper Resistant Bait Station

A revolutionary fly baiting device that stores bait for longer residue when protects it from the elements.

Application Equipment
Fly Bait

Product Description

  • Lockable fly bait station helps keep granular bait secure and protect it from the elements.
  • Most suitable be used for outdoors.
  • Easy mounting with double sided tape, screws, cable ties or liquid nails.
  • Most suitable for filth fly and house fly control
  • Place the station around exterior and applying granular baits in the station where infestation and active areas has been limited to scattering or coating the insecticide.
  • Child and unauthorized person resistant

Opens easily with Easy-Key


Fly Bait Stations Uses / Applications:
Place Fly Bait Stations along fences, walls, trees, building perimeters, near trash dumpsters, trash cans, door openings, in barns near stalls, feeding troughs and anywhere flies are a problem.

The Fly Bait Station has a locking lid that only allows entrance for flies. Emptying, cleaning, and maintaining this fly bait system is efficient and cost effective.


Technical Specifications:
165 x 96 x 55 mm

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