Fly Sticky Pad Type 1

Fly Sticky Pad Type 1

High quality UVA resistance adhesive more effective for longer periods of time Fines blends adhesive coating for long shelf life to minimize stocking issues

Insect Light Trap
Fly-Sticky Pad

Product Description

This sticky boards are achieved by using high quality raw materials and a production process that matches the specific features of our decorative Insect Light Trap series.

With the support of professional technologist, our glue board have the most excellent adhesion able againts to strong ultraviolet radiation and high temperatures.

This stickcy board have been optimised to fit a wide range of Pestline Discreet 30 & Wall Light 30 Insect Light Trap perfectly.

Exclusive customize printing and size of the sticky pad are available.


*** HACCP International certified fly sticky pads


Compatible products:


Technical Specifications:
Art Card + Insect Glue ( UV Resistant )
423mm X 242mm
Shelf Life
Two Years and more than 45 days under UV radiation
50 pcs/box, 4 boxes per carton

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