Fly Sticky Pad Type 5

High quality UVA resistance adhesive more effective for longer periods of time. Fines blends adhesive coating for long shelf life to minimize stocking issues

Categories : Insect light trap consumables
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Pestline Glue Boards are available in both discreet black and white and have been used in a wide variety of our ILTS.

UVA resistance are optimised with our high quality materials  prevents moisture penetration and ensures excellent glue coating for improved insect retention

It can use as insect monitoring glue trap, certainly the preferred board for all non-chemical applications.


*** HACCP International certified fly sticky pads


Compatible products:


Technical Specifications  
Material:Art Card
Dimension:250 x 243 mm
Shelf Life:> 60 days under UV 
Packing:200 pcs / Carton

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