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Insect Monitoring Glue Trap 120

Insect Monitoring Glue Trap 120

A pesticide-free solution to pest control

Cockroach Control Products
Cockroach Glue Trap

Product Description

Ecogreen Product. Non-Toxic and Odourless.

These insect traps are pre-baited with food graded molasses on a sticky adhesive backing to attract insects and trap them.

Each board is perforated to make 3 traps or simply use one large trap.

Regular use can lead to data on optimum time for insecticide treatments and assessment of treatment efficacy. It's environmentally safe, do not contain any chemical pesticides and will not contaminate foodstuffs helps to create the right Image and impression.

  • Scientifically designed for Integrated Pest Management
  • Simple to fold and assemble for ease of placement within food plant machinery and equipment.
  • Long lasting glue trapping cockroach without sticky fingers
  • With double sided tape can placed against walls and printed text facing in one direction helps technicians to determine from which direction cockroaches approach the trap.
  • Made in Malaysia


Compatible products
Insect Glue Trap Holder Acrylic
190 x 193 mm
Perforated Size
190 x   65 mm
Folded Size
190 x 67 x 38 mm
200 Pcs / Carton

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