PestWest Quantum Shatterproof Tube 15 w

High performance and safety, 100% European technology, higher initial UVA output at 365nm more durable output

Categories : Insect light trap consumables
Tags : Electrical Fly Killer Tubes


The majority of the UVA light output of Quantum tubes is concentrated in the spectrum between 350-380 nanometers. Extensive scientific research sponsored by PestWest and carried out at the University of Birmingham in the UK proved that this is the most attractive spectrum for urban flies. In 1997 PestWest approached Sylvania Lighting International (SLI) to apply the knowledge obtained from this research and after a 2 year development and trials period the Quantum® tube was born.
Industry compliant FEP shatterproof coating: 5% UVA light loss maximum and glass retention under impact to EN 61549


Compatible products 
Insect Light Trap:CONTRO 45CONTRO 30
  TITAN 300 
Technical Specifications   
Average Life:8000 Hours 
Order Code:UV Tube - 15w - Shatterproof 
Packing:25 Pcs / Carton 
Warranty:N / A 

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