Premium 5 Professional PCO Sprayer

Premium 5 specifically manufactured for  spraying applications and designed to be versatile and suitable for various uses from spot applications.

Categories : Application equipment
Tags : PCO Compressed Sprayer


5 Liters high quality stainless pump sprayer with brass nozzle smoothly deliver your herbicide, pesticide, cleaning fluids, or whatever else you need sprayed, the adjustable nozzle can always get the spray rates and distribution right.

This sprayer can get the air from the air compressor or easy pump action for quick pressurizing.

Nice design, long lasting and portable.


Technical Specification 
Total capacity: 7 Liter
Rated capacity: 5 Liter
Working pressure: 25 - 55 Psi
Packaging: 1 unit / carton
Measurement: 18.8 x 19 x 49.5 CM           
Weight: 2 Kgs


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