Rat Glue Trap - BS

Larger-sized and thicker paper making glue traps for controlling the rat & mouse, better quality, better results, and excellent glue strength.

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Our special glue fomula is special designed to capture rodents, rats, flies, lizards, cockroaches and more... 

With the excellent industrial strength yet is safe to be used for pest control operator, food industries, industrial, restaurants, public areas and etc…


Material: Chip Board
Dimension: 215 x 345 mm
Glue Amount: 50 ML
Packing: 100 pcs / Carton


Avoid direct sunlight exposure and water for good effect. If the glue trap gets wet, dry it before usage.
Use gasoline and then cleansing agent to remove the glue from clothes or other articles in case of their contact with the adhesive.

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