Rodent Bait Station Type CONTRO

With appropriate rodent bait and Pestline Rat Glue Trap Series and maintenance will eliminate rats and rodents from around your premises, and provide a barrier to re-infestation

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Made with high grade original polymer, long durable can use over an extended period of time.

Temper resistant with hinged locking lid and heavy duty design. It's easily refilled and practically any installation.

Be equipped with a lock used to protect rodenticide from moisture and dirt, deposit rodenticides.

Either placing rodenticides or Pestline Rat Glue Trap Series for outdoor and indoor control at critical area such as production area, store and warehouse to avoid possible contamination of product by rat baits


Compatible products : Pestline Rat Glue Board Eco 50 
  : Pestline Attracta Rat Glue Trap WP
Material : Polypropylene
Dimension : 225 x 185 x 92 mm
Color : Black
Packing : 12 Units / Carton

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