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Termite Stop Green Inground Bait Station

Termite Stop Green Inground Bait Station

Termite Baiting System comes with best termite food sources of pine wood, install around the perimeter of a structure at intervals of 10 feet apart. Customization with silk printed with your company logo available.

Termite Control Products
Termite Baiting System

Product Description

  • Competitive price in Malaysia
  • Contains a wooden food source for detecting subterranean termites.
  • Full-angle 360 degree of termite entrance path
  • Green colour match perfectly with landscape grass on the ground
  • Easy to install as dimension 50 mm only
  • Simple locking system with special opener provided.
  • With wooden bait inside
  • Comes with attachments to make it easier to pull up the wooden bait for termite inspection
  • Optional well design indicator made of cellulose is available for homeowners to visually inspect for termites


Technical Specifications:
240 mm (H) x 50 mm core (W), 178 mm protector plate
170 grams (lure bait excluded)

Recommended intervals per unit – 10 feet apart

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