Termite Stop Lights

Termite Stop Lights

An accurate visual termite alert product made of pure cellulose, the best ingredient for attracting termites, monitors subterranean termite infestation and activity around the premise.

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Termite Monitoring System

Product Description

Termite Stop Light the idea brings a first of a kind Termite Monitor that changes from Green to Yellow to Red to warn of the severity of a termite infestation.

This patent pending invention works in all termite bait stations as well as ceilings, walls or anywhere (@ any angle) you can make a 13/16” hole.

  • Effortless Termite Detection
  • Non toxic, no batteries, contain cellulose ONLY to attract termites
  • 3 Colour Changes to reflect termite severity that fits into anything termite related
  • New Consumption Technology to attract termite with 1400 microns UV Protection that fits into anything termite related may inhabit
  • Product of Florida, United States of America
  • Application:
    a) a better monitoring device before termite infestation
    b) a better monitoring device after the termite colony has been eliminated


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