UV Tube 18w - Shatterproof

With the lowest mercury content in the industry and being 100% lead-free represent a very good environmental choice

Categories : Insect light trap consumables
Tags : Electrical Fly Killer Tubes


With an optimized spectrum matching the eye sensitivity of the housefly, Quantum lamps are perfect for attracting insects.

They have virtually no UV-B output, and so are perfectly safe. In addition, they have a special sleeve that keeps all glass and components together in the case of accidental breakage.

This eliminates the risk of glass splinters showering down on food preparation areas, for example. And that is why it meets the strict HACCP requirements.


Compatible products
Insect Light Trap:DISCREET 36
Technical Specifications  
Average Life:9000  Hours
Order Code:UV Tube - 18w - Shatterproof
Packing:25 Pcs / Carton
Warranty:N / A

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